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Summer motorcycle body armour: Cool protection

One thing that no rider should be without is some sort of motorcycle body armour. Motorcycle jackets that don’t have armour built in usually have pockets for you to add your own, that way you can put different levels of armour in different places depending where you feel you need more or less protection. Our range of motorcycle armour at GetGeared covers individual pieces of armour like for the hips and everything up to a full motorcycle body armour vest that has breathable mesh holding the armour in place so that the pieces are always in the right place.

We offer some of the best motorcycle armour for summer riding, strapped back protectors that stay in place so that lightweight clothing can be worm on top, perforated knee armour that allows your skin to breathe and remain comfortable. Shop with GetGeared to receive free UK delivery when you spend over £25.00 Why buy your motorcycle body armour from anywhere else?