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2016 Alpinestars Touring Offer
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This item is no longer available.

Motorcycle leathers accessories. Lengthen the life of your leathers

Motorcycle leathers are great. They’re protective and warm and they look great. But they won’t look great forever, not without a bit of help from you at least. Leather naturally cracks over time and starts to look a little less special but there are things you can do to keep it looking its best for longer. At GetGeared we have a great range dedicated to the upkeep of motorcycle leathers. Motorcycle leathers accessories include products like waterproof wax for protecting your leathers from the Great British weather, and cleaners and restorers made especially for use on leather. You’ll even find kits with multiple leather care products which would make a perfect gift for the biker in your life. Motorcycle leathers aren’t just about the actual leather though, there are other parts, knee and elbow sliders for example, so as well as waxes and sprays for the leather, GetGeared also stock motorcycle leathers accessories like replacement protective knee and elbow sliders designed to fit perfectly in specific jackets, trousers and suits. If you have motorcycle leathers that need some attention, or you’ve just bought a new leather jacket and want to keep it at its best, head to GetGeared in-store or go online to get free UK delivery when you spend over £25.00 Why buy your motorcycle leathers accessories anywhere else?