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Motorcycle windproof base layers: What are they?

Even if you’ve never heard of it, most bikers will have experienced wind chill. You’re riding into the wind at speed, making the air seem colder and harsher than it actually is, even if it isn’t a particularly cold day. There are layers you can wear as a motorcyclist that protect against cold, layers that protect against rain, there are even motorcycle windproof base layers to help fight wind chill. These layers are worn underneath your main motorcycle clothing and create a barrier that stops the wind getting to you. They are breathable so that any moisture built up inside can escape and stop you becoming damp and uncomfortable. Most of them fold or roll up to a very small size so you can keep them on you at all times and they are extremely light-weight so it won’t affect your riding position or range of movement. Visit GetGeared in-store or go online to get free UK delivery when you spend over £25.00, why get your motorcycle windproof base layers anywhere else?