Held Coolmax Flat Seam Balaclava

Held Motorcycle Clothing

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Held Coolmax Flat Seam Balaclava

• Motorcycle balaclava
• Held CoolMax Outer
• Flat seam construction

Held CoolMax flat seam balaclava ideal for Summer riding. Flat seam construction ensures comfort.

Held Coolmax Flat Seam Balaclava

Coolmax (100% Polyester)
Flat seam construction
Colour black

Brand: Held Motorcycle Clothing
(Motorcycle Balaclavas)
Held Coolmax Flat Seam Balaclava

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Hot headed: Motorcycle balaclavas

When you’re riding your motorcycle around in the winter, something you’ll notice getting very cold is your head. You lose a high percentage of body heat from your head and even though you have a helmet on, it just isn’t enough. Motorcycle balaclavas are a simple and easy way to minimise the amount of heat that is lost and they won’t cost the earth. GetGeared have a great range of balaclavas for motorcycle riders, from basic balaclavas to seamless Gore-Tex ones that extend down your neck to stop the win getting in under your chin. We also stock some that let you show off your wild side with skulls and mouths printed on. So for a warm head this season, head on over to GetGeared online or in-store.