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2016 Alpinestars Touring Offer
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This item is no longer available.

Don't let sweat spoil your ride! Our massive range of motorcycle summer underwear uses a clever design to carry moisture away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable on your motorbike. This process is called moisture wicking. You will see this property in pretty much all of our summer base layers as it is one of their main functions. The problem with sweat is that, as well as simply being uncomfortable, is that it makes your skin stick to the inside of your clothing, which in extreme circumstances would restrict your freedom of movement, a soft smooth set of summer motorcycle underwear will counteract that and allow the materials of your jacket or trousers glide around over your skin. Motorcycle summer base layers also help to reduce chafing because they create another layer between the chafer, and you, the chafee. Importantly, they are easy to clean and quick drying, so after a day's touring in the blistering sun, you can wash away the sweat that has been wicked, and dry it out, ready for the next day of sun.

Our summer motorcycle underwear comes in a range of prices, sizes, and types, so if you are after some cooling layers between you and your biker clothing, browse our full range for the perfect summer underwear.