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Continental motorcycle tour essentials. Legal and general

Motoring laws are different from country to country and if you’re planning a tour you should know what those laws are and how to abide by them. The laws are always changing so you should do your research shortly before you leave, and give yourself enough time to head over to GetGeared buy your continental tour essentials. Just a few years ago a law was passed in France that stated you have to carry a self-test breathalyser, that’s the sort of thing you’ll find in our continental tour essentials range. Also in France, laws around motorcyclists being required to wear reflective clothing has changed as recently as 2013. Although some laws don’t apply in some countries, it is advisable to be extra safe when you’re that far away from home and riding for so long can take its toll, so you will want to make the experience as comfortable as possible, that’s why we have put together a collection of essentials for motorcycle touring such as “GB” stickers, tyre repair kits, reflective clothing, seat cushions and loads more. So head to GetGeared in-store or online and start preparing for your tour. With free UK delivery when you spend over £25.00, why buy your motorcycle tour essentials anywhere else?