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LUCAS Motorcycle Brake Pad ORGANIC MCB 597

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Item Code: 10044154
GetGeared Plus Points
• The leading name in brake pad technology & development
• Quality Made in Germany
• Consistently highly recommended in leading magazine comparison tests
• Superior fade resistance
• Superior thermal performance
• Long life span
• ABE certificated

LUCAS is the leading name in brake pad technology. LUCAS organic brake pads continually win the key magazine comparison tests for their responsiveness through a wide range of driving conditions. Test comments highlight the level of control and feel for the road the driver retains and their undiminished effectiveness in extreme conditions. And because they are from LUCAS, you can trust they'll deliver everyday and when you need it most.

Organic compound
ABE-certificated (see KBA-N.o. on rear surface)
Ceramic layers protect the hydraulics from heat transfer
Suitable for standard and steel brake discs
Long life span
Delivered as matching pairs

Important check list
• To remove/fit brake pads and to bleed/refill the hydraulics free of air requires technical know-how at professional level. GetGeared recommends brake pads are only exchanged by a competent mechanic.
• Check the exact dimensions match your existing brake pads before ordering
• Always read the safety notices in detail, a copy of which you can find by clicking on Installation Guide
• When the job is complete, drive for several miles without heavy braking to allow the pad surfaces to bed in

Brand: Lucas
(Brake Pads)
Mopped Magazine 12/2004

MOPPED magazine (edition 12/2004) tested LUCAS Organic Brake Pads.

Verdict: VERY GOOD

"The LUCAS pads collect points due to a good biting point without the need for excessive hand pressure and a reliable response. Dry condition braking is first class and there is no noticeable fading. Wet weather performance is also good."

ABE Certified
Tested by TUV (German Technical Supervision Authority) for roadworthiness and safety

The German ABE mark (direct translation: "universal operating license") denotes that the item has been tested by TUV (German Technical Supervision Authority) for roadworthiness and reliable safety in general.

While this regulatory framework only applies to vehicles registered in Germany, it denotes a high level of testing and certification by an independent 3rd party whose safety certificates are respected worldwide.

The ABE handbook carries a list of motorcycle models, for which the item has been specifically tested and TUV-approved (that list is relevant for motorcycles registered in Germany and eliminates the need for the owner to pay for a special, chargeable entry for the item in the TUV test certificate). For the model listing in the ABE handbook, the manufacturer model short code is used not the retail model name and these vary from country to country depending on the specific modifications a motorcycle manufacturer makes for the local market conditions.

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Lucas Organic Motorcycle Brake Pad
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