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All season motorcycle trousers: No longer will you be a fair weather rider

Every biker has heard the term fair weather rider. It has become a somewhat derogatory term but it shouldn't be. Nevertheless, fair weather riders could perhaps be persuaded to take to the road on two wheels in the less admirable weather with the help of all season motorcycle gear. Getting cold and wet legs is not an enjoyable part of being a biker, so all season motorcycle trousers have been developed to keep you as safe as regular motorbike trousers, but with thermal linings and waterproof membranes to keep you warm and dry, and breathable ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable in the warmer dry weather. They really do bring to mind the phrase, "best of both worlds".

The best all season motorcycle gear come equipped with the CE certified armour you expect and the high denier count you want. The CE certified armour in all season motorcycle trousers is there to protect your bones from impacts and the high denier count outer shell is there to protect your skin and muscle from abrasion. Mesh panels and air vents are there to help the air flow around your legs and reduce sweating when riding in the sun, and thermal, waterproof liners stop you turning into an icicle on a bicycle. These year-round trousers take into account that it's not only the weather that changes from month to month, but also the visibility levels. By December you are likely to be riding in the dark on the way to work and on the way from work, so lots of 4 season motorbike trousers will incorporate reflective and high visibility panels so that you are sure to be seen on the road.