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Foot Pegs

LSL Foot Pegs Sport 85mm - Click here
LSL Foot Pegs Sport 85mm
LSL Foot Pegs Racing 70mm - Click here
LSL Foot Pegs Racing 70mm
LSL Extreme Foot Peg 78mm - Black - Click here
LSL Extreme Foot Peg 78mm - Black

Motorcycle foot pegs

Motorcycle foot pegs are a small part of your bike that you tread all over, are using constantly, but probably never even think about. You actually rely on them to give comfort while you’re riding whether you have a sports bike or a touring bike. They can get worn over time or damaged and need replacing, or you may just fancy sprucing up your bike’s looks with some new aftermarket motorcycle foot pegs.

At GetGeared we stock foot pegs for all sorts, including racing and sports. They come in different lengths and finishes depending on the sort of bike you have and the style of riding you adopt. A great selection of colours means that you can perfectly match up your new pegs to your motorbike. There are even some extreme pegs which have small rounded spikes designed specifically for giving increased grip. Motorcycle footrest pegs can be changed without any particularly specialist knowledge, but if you want to give it a go and aren’t too sure, head into a GetGeared store and ask for advice on how to install foot pegs on a motorcycle. Alternatively, if you know what you are doing, get your foot pegs online from GetGeared and benefit from free UK mainland delivery when you spend over £25.