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Our guide to scooter helmets

Are you confused by the different types of scooter helmets? Don't worry: GetGeared are here to help! Demi-jet helmets are the shape of a jet fighter pilot's helmet, and come in two varieties: scooter helmets, and town/urban helmets. Scooter helmets are slightly more aggressive looking, entry-level in price, and generally come in plain colours like black and white. They are the kind of motorcycle helmet you would see a moped rider wearing. Urban/town helmets are really good looking helmets, ideal for your good looking self! These are the kind of scooter helmets that a Vespa rider would wear. You know, those really retro scooter helmets and target scooter helmets? We particularly love our Momo helmet collection with their vintage look and leather helmets. With any of our scooter helmets, you'll be sure to look great whilst you're riding through the town and walking into the office.

If you're looking for something else, don't fret! We have scooter helmets from Caberg, Nexx, Held, Pilot and more! Don't forget, you can get our motorcycle helmets on finance with 0% APR interest (T&C's apply). So, if you're that urban rider looking for the perfect scooter helmet, you're in the right place.