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2016 Alpinestars Touring Offer
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This item is no longer available.

Touring motorbike boots for technical riders

When it comes to motorcycle boots, there are specific types that are tailored towards one style of riding or another. Touring motorcycle boots tend to be waterproof, often made using Gore-Tex, for dealing with changes in the weather and riding through wet terrain. Motorcycle touring involves riding for extended periods of time so it’s important that you are comfortable so most touring bike boots have elasticated bellows at the front and breathable membranes for temperature moderation.

Specially designed extra grip soles make sure that your feet don’t slip away from the foot pegs when you’re changing gear or braking and the shift pads help maintain the long life that you’d expect from a touring motorcycle boot. Every little technical detail has been carefully thought out, like some boots having the zip closure moved around to the back so that there is no chance of it catching and it also means that there is no pressure point on the side of your ankle which would lead to discomfort after a long time of wearing the boots. We at GetGeared stock touring boots with all these features and more which is what makes ours the best motorcycle touring boots range around.