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Nordkap Tipi Tent Living

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• Seats 12 people (sleeps up to 8)
• Ideal as communal area for groups & festivals
• Simple & fast: Assembly via a central upright pole & guy ropes
• Stand or sit: 2.5 metres high & 4 metres across
• Water & windproof: 1500mm/cm2 hydrostatic head
• Integral groundsheet to create a perfect living & sleeping area!

This tipi tent creates a wonderful camping living space: Waterproof & windproof, even in torrential rain, the ground sheet is sealed into the side walls for maximum protection. But just imagine it is better weather than you expected?! A large living area with good headroom for even tall people; or a sleeping area for you all or you and your motorcycle (whoever you are more fond of!). 3 air vent openings for when the sun is out, 3 windows (which can be covered over), a large front opening. Camping in style!

Note: There is one entrance opening. There is no inner tent, it is a single wall tent. For sleeping, fold-up camp beds or air mattresses are recommended. Packed the measurements are H x W x L: 20 x 20 x 76cms. Dry weight is 12KG.

Customer feedback:

• Space on offer unbeatable
• Absolutely waterproof
• Easy to put up
• "Plenty of space for 2 adults and 3 children"
• "Perfect and dry during a very wet Moto Guzzi Meet"

• When put up, the vertical side walls do not extend to the full 80cms height indicated (around 70cms)

Robust waterproof integrated PE groundsheet which fastens to tent wall
Simple, fast structure
Roof and lateral ventilation flaps
Maximum height 3m
Packed dimensions approx. 85 cm x 25 cm x 30 cm
Colour sand/grey
Includes all pitching accessories
Weight approx. 12 kg
Waterproof rating: 1,500mm/sq cm

Note: The waterproof rating measures when leakage occurs from a water column. For complete waterproofing in extreme weather conditions 1,300mm/ sq cm or above is preferable. However for normal camping conditions lower ratings are also recommended.
Before setting out on your camping trip, please take time to read these safety instructions and the enclosed instructions on how to pitch your tent. We also recommend you to practise putting up your tent before you actually use it on holiday. Please check that no components are missing well before you set out on your camping trip. You may need extra equipment for your trip (e.g., sleeping bag, sleeping mat, camping light, knife, etc.). If you are travelling to a region with heavy rainfall, we recommend tents with suitable features (be sure to check the hydrostatic head rating, which indicates how waterproof the tent is.
Always pitch your tent on a flat, preferably clean, surface. Sharp objects like stones, tree roots, fragments of glass, etc. can damage the bottom of the tent. Avoid touching the inner tent (especially when it's raining). If the inner tent comes into contact with the flysheet, moisture can seep in. Body heat may cause condensation to build up on the inside of the flysheet _ overnight, for instance _ which may accumulate on the inner tent. This is normal, and does not mean that the flysheet is leaking. Therefore it is not a cause for complaint!
Always keep a safe distance from any (camp)fire: flying sparks can damage the flysheet very quickly, or even set it alight! Never use a naked flame inside the tent (fire hazard)!
Keep zips running freely by regularly spraying them with a suitable product. This will extend their service life and prevent any jamming. If the tent has been exposed to saltwater and/or sea air, clean all the washable components with freshwater to prevent metal parts from corroding. Never use harsh cleaning agents, but only mild soapy water and a soft cloth. If the tent has been exposed to a lot of rain, allow the flysheet to dry completely, and then spray the outside surface with a suitable tent or textile impregnation spray.
Never put the tent into the carrying bag when it is wet or damp to avoid mildew developing. If necessary, dry it on the washing line in your garden or in your laundry room. Before you pack it away, clean the tent thoroughly and repair any damage. Store the tent in a dry place out of the sun, at a room temperature of approx. 18C.
IMPORTANT: Nowadays, we carry more and more highly sensitive electronic devices with us, both at home and away, such as mobile phones, MP3 players and CD players. These tend to be extremely sensitive to water and moisture. Since even tents with a high hydrostatic head rating may not be completely impervious to heavy rain, you should never keep water-sensitive objects in the tent unprotected. It is best to keep such objects on your person in watertight bags from the Louis range. This is also the best way to protect against theft.
Please note that failure to follow these safety instructions, and also inappropriate handling or incorrect use, will void all guarantee claims.

Brand: Nordkap

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NORDKAP Tipi Tent Living

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