UTAG Digital USB I.C.E Dogtag


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UTAG Digital USB I.C.E Dogtag

• Aluminium alloy construction with magnetic closure
• Includes additional blank sided dog tag for personalisation
• Can be worn as dog tag, zip pull or on key ring
• Compatible with Windows ME, 2000, XP and Vista
• Supports USB 1.1 / 2.0 standards
• 10 year data retention
• UK IP tested IP57
• CE and FCC approved

The UTAG digital dog tag is the USB PC compatible digital dog tag that stores vital, personal and medical information on one easy to use, safe and secure, personal device. Designed by ex-SAS soldiers this unique item is aimed to be the first point of reference for the first responders, in an accident or emergency situation.

UTAG Digital USB I.C.E Dogtag

Utag Feature 1 Emergency contact details.
Utag Feature 2 Include your photograph, for easy identification.
Utag Feature 3 Blood type, key medical information.
Utag Feature 4 GP contact details.
Utag Feature 5 Other files - i.e. messages to loved ones.
Utag Feature 6 International language options.
Utag Feature 7 Can also be used as a zip pull, or on your key ring.
Utag Feature 8 Bespoke user friendly software.
Utag Feature 9 Tough aluminium alloy weatherproof enclosure.
Utag Feature 10 Includes blank sided dog tag for personalisation.

"UTAG The Digital Dog Tag stores your medical information, in case of an emergency (ICE)".

No longer are you reliant on other people, or restricted to bracelets & neck chains that have fold out paper sections that hold limited amounts of information, the
UTAG Digital Dog tag holds it all & is password protected so only you can edit those details. The UTAG Digital Dog tag can be worn on a dog tag chain, zip pull or key ring. The lightweight, aluminium style gives it a fashionable edge & comes with an additional blank dog tag to personalise.

The Aluminium alloy construction with Magnetic closure & a 5mm chain hole comes supplied with a spare dog tag for personalisation & Includes neck chain, key chain & black rubber sound dampener. Weighing only 10gms & with dimensions of 54mm x 30mm x 3.2mm it is lightweight an unobtrusive with a 10 year+ data retention the U TAG Digital Dog Tag is compatible with Windows Me, 2000, XP, Vista also windows 7 & Supports USB 1.1 / 2.0.

Developed by SAS soldiers for use in an emergency, with its unique & durable dog tag design, the UTAG Digital Dog Tag electronically stores vital medical id on a USB 'stick'.

Brand: UTAG
(Motorcycle Security)
UTAG Digital USB I.C.E Dogtag

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