Gore-Tex motorcycle clothing. You've heard the name, now feel the benefits.

Gore-Tex is one of those materials that everyone has heard of and everyone knows it is widely used, but not many people know why. Well one of its uses is Gore-Tex motorcycle clothing and it is mainly used for waterproofing. Most types of motorbike clothing has a Gore-Tex variation. You can get a Gore-Tex motorcycle jacket, Gore-Tex motorcycle gloves, boots and more, all from GetGeared. Gore-Tex is lightweight and breathable so is a perfect material for all-season motorbike jackets and trousers.

Gore-Tex is usually used as a specialised part of each piece of clothing so the big name brands have their own jackets and trousers featuring this wondrous material as the star, so you’ll get a Dainese Gore-Tex jacket and an Alpinestars Gore-Tex jacket. At GetGeared we have a huge range of Gore-Tex motorcycle clothing so visit us in-store or online. With free UK delivery when you spend over £25.00 online, why buy your Gore-Tex motorcycle boots and gear anywhere else?