Joubert Handlebar Strap


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Joubert Handlebar Strap

• Joubert motorcycle handlebar protection strap
• Material: 100% polyester
• Colour: black/yellow
• Straps or restraints not included
• Joubert quality product

This high-quality securing strap is the perfect solution for safely & easily transporting motorcycles with fairings & scooters. On trailers, motorail trains or on your workshop hoist at home, all you do is slide the sleeves of the securing strap over the ends of the handlebars. Insert hook straps or restraints into the loops & tie the handlebar down at the sides to prevent the fairing or tank from getting scratched. Straps or restraints not included - please order separately.

Joubert Handlebar Strap


Brand: Joubert
(Transport & Ramps)
Joubert Handlebar Strap

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