Nexx X60 Tribute Open Face Helmet - Matt Black with Brown Detailing

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Nexx X60 Tribute Open Face Helmet - Matt Black with Brown Detailing

• Stylish open face helmet with tinted Jet visor from Nexx
• Light-weight thermo resin shell (1050g) for less strain
• Removable anti-sweat lining with anti-scratch visor

Open face scooter helmet that has given Momo a run for its money. Iconic in its own right by now (you only have to survey the London city streets to see them zip past you on Fulham, Chelsea and Vauxhall!), this is a hop-on and get-going lid.

A great urban motorcycle helmet! Quick release micro-ratchet neck closure. Nexx Helmets is a Portuguese manufacturer with significant expertise in anything from Scooter open face helmets to hard-core race helmets. They even make the Hugo Boss range, which speaks to exacting standards for sure! ECE22.05.

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Nexx X60 Tribute Open Face Helmet - Matt Black with Brown Detailing

• Advanced Thermo Resin ATR
• Easy-open PC Lexan Shield anti-scratch visor with solar tint & quick release system (a 1 Pence piece will do the trick)
• Micro-ratchet neck strap closure
• Removable, washable lining
• Ergonomic padding
• Approx. 1050gms

Brand: Nexx Helmets
(Cruiser Motorcycle Helmets)
Nexx X60 Tribute Open Face Helmet - Matt Black with Brown Detailing

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