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Are Expensive Motorcycle Helmets Worth It? Why a Premium Helmet Makes Sense

So, you want to splash the cash on a premium helmet, but you don't know how to justify spending £400 or more to either yourself, your bank manager or your partner. Let's make the case for a helmet from one of the best motorcycle helmet brands.

Are expensive helmets worth it? Let's start with what makes premium helmets expensive

In principle, a premium helmet is lighter, more protective at the point of impact, and far more comfortable. But just knowing these things isn't really enough to make that case. So, here is the argument for paying more for a motorcycle helmet from the best motorcycle helmet brands.

The main elements to consider when looking into a more expensive helmet:

  • Safety: In the event of an accident, the materials used are more protective
  • Greater comfort: And, we do not mean the cushions inside! 
  • Aerodynamics: A passive safety feature that matters

Is a More Expensive Motorcycle Helmet Always Safer?

More expensive motorcycle helmets usually offer better protection

Due to the materials used, from the shell to the chin strap, a more expensive lid will generally have more advanced safety features than a cheaper counterpart.

A premium helmet is typically made out of a fibre matrix shell. What it means to you is that at the point of impact that type of shell distributes the impact forces more widely. The impact forces are therefore less concentrated in one area. That's better for your head!

On top of that, the components that you really rely upon to function at the point of an impact, such as the visor screws or the neck restraints, are all made out of premium materials such as aircraft aluminium or stainless steel. They won't fail you when they're most needed.

Why then the best motorcycle helmets according to SHARP ratings are not always also the most expensive

It may come as a surprise, but premium motorcycle helmet brands do not always score the highest on the SHARP five star rating system. For example, quite a few Arai helmets, genuinely considered to be one of the best motorcycle helmet brands producing only premium motorcycle helmets, don't score more than 3 stars. Yet, the much more affordable Caberg and Shark brands offer a higher proportion of 5 star rated helmets amongst their assortment.

Check out our post about motorcycle helmet safety regulations here to learn more about how different helmets are tested and what that means for your safety.

What makes expensive motorcycle helmets more comfortable

The helmet interior of premium brand helmets is nicer, for sure

Of course, the cushiness of the interior will always be better in a more expensive helmet. The materials and manufacturing processes are of a higher standard. More expensive linings will have layers of specialised materials. Some are even antimicrobial to keep your helmet feeling fresher for longer. A cheaper crash helmet generally won't have been manufactured to promote airflow and comfort to the same level. But, that is NOT what this point is about. It's about the next two facts:

Premium motorcycle helmets are lighter: A noticeable difference that makes expensive helmets worth every penny

An important aspect of comfort comes from weight. The best motorcycle helmet brands have huge expertise in how to reduce the weight of a motorcycle helmet through the use of advanced materials. A fibre matrix type helmet tends to be much lighter than a thermoplastics helmet. As you ride, pivoting, acceleration, and deceleration all put pressure on your neck. In a lighter helmet, the strain you put on your lower neck and upper back muscles, as well as your spine, is reduced. Much better for you over time if you ride regularly. And, yes, you will definitely be able to tell the difference.

Premium motorcycle helmets have different shell sizes: More expensive helmets means better aerodynamics

The second aspect to consider is that premium helmets tend to offer several shell sizes throughout their size range. So, if you're a size small or medium, you won't have a shell that would accommodate an XXL head. Most budget helmets will only offer 1 shell size, at best 2 shell sizes, so you will always ride in a melon commensurate with the largest size in the size range.

What makes more expensive motorcycle helmets worth it is that you always wear something which is appropriate to your own head size and therefore displaces the minimum amount of air while you are riding. Your aerodynamics are much better. Not just going forward, but also when you're turning for the lifesaver look. You will be more proactive in your behaviour while riding as a result. And that results in your increased safety, simply because you do not avoid head movements because of adverse aerodynamics. 


Are there any drawbacks to buying an expensive motorcycle helmet?

Expensive motorcycle helmets have the same lifespan as cheaper ones. It's recommended that you change your crash helmet every five years or so, even if you haven't had a crash or dropped it. So, think about whether the additional investment is something you 'earn out' over that time.

What are the most popular brands of more expensive motorcycle helmets?

Check out some of the premium brands we have to offer:

So, is an expensive helmet worth it for you?

Two questions will help you answer that:

Frequency: How often do you ride?

If you plan on commuting five days a work to week, then you will definitely get the use out of the premium features of a more expensive helmet. However, if you're only going to be riding once in a while at the weekend, a well-reviewed, more affordable helmet may just be as suitable.

ToB (Time on Bike): What type of riding do you do?

If you're going touring and riding for long stretches, you'll want the comfort that more money can buy. The same is true if you do a lot of track days. Better protection and greater comfort is worth investing in if you regularly commit yourself to dedicated time on your 'bike.

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