How to Get the Right Motorbike Glove Sizing: A Complete Size Guide For Motorcycle Gloves

Motorbike glove sizing: The complete guide to get your motorcycle gloves size right

Motorbike gloves come in a variety of size conventions

There are a few different ways that manufacturers size their gloves, so it's important to know your measurements before you purchase a pair. The most common sizing system is based on palm circumference, measured in inches or centimetres. You can also find gloves sized by Small, Medium, Large, etc.

Different countries have different sizing trends

It’s important to choose the right brand to suit your hand shape. European manufacturers will often produce a narrower glove, with longer fingers, whereas UK or US manufacturers tend to make gloves with a wider palm and shorter fingers.

See our guide on how a motorbike glove should fit here.

Motorcycle gloves size charts

Most size charts go by ‘alpha’ sizes (S, M, L etc.)

Here is the Richa gloves size guide as an example:


Held size charts use numerical hand sizes instead


On top of this difference, Held is one brand that offers long and short versions of most of their gloves. So if you have unconventionally shaped hands, Held is an option worth exploring.


How to measure hands for motorcycle gloves

To get the sizing right for motorcycle gloves, you'll need to measure your hands. Use a tape measure or ruler. Some manufacturers will base their sizes on circumference (all the way around) and some on width (across the palm), so check the size charts before measuring.

Option 1: Use a tape measure

Hold your hand flat and wrap the tape measure around your hand at the widest point (just below your knuckles) excluding your thumb. This measurement is your glove size. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, you can use a piece of string and measure it with a ruler after.

Option 2: Use a ruler

Place your hand flat on a table with your fingers together and extended. Measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm (where it meets your wrist). This measurement is your glove size.

Tip: Measure both hands!

Many people will buy a pair of gloves after measuring only one of their hands only to find that the other hand won’t fit in the glove, or there is extra space. It’s quite common to that our hands are slightly different in size, so make sure you go with the larger hand. The best way is to come into store to try on a few pairs so you can get a feel for the right fit.

Compare your measurement to a size chart

Once you have your measurement, consult the size chart to find the right size glove for you. Different brands may have slightly different size charts, so make sure you're using the one specific to the brand of glove you're interested in.

What if my measurement is between sizes?

If you're between sizes on the size chart, it's generally better to go up a size rather than down, as motorcycle gloves should fit snugly but not be too tight. If you buy gloves that are too small it can lead to numbness in your fingers and general discomfort.

Women’s specific motorbike gloves

Most brands will have glove ranges tailored to a more feminine hand shape. They are usually slimmer, with narrower palms and longer fingers. The way you measure is exactly the same as conventional men’s sizes, but if you have more petite hands then women’s cut gloves would be a good option.

Motorcycle glove materials matter: Leather vs. textile sizing

The two glove materials behave very differently in terms of how they

Leather motorbike gloves: What to consider when sizing

Leather needs to be broken in, so new a pair will feel stiff initially. You don’t need to size up! After a few rides they should soften and mould to your hands’ shape.

Another thing to note with leather is that it may tighten and shrink in hot or humid weather, so don’t choose a pair on the smaller side, especially if you plan on riding in summer.

Textile motorbike gloves: What to consider when sizing

A textile glove will fit the same throughout its life, so the size you buy is the size they will be forever.

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