New Motorcycle Rider - Which rider type are you?

QUIZ: What Motorcycle Rider Type are You?

New to motorcycling? FIND OUT what gear you REALLY need. It all starts with this Quiz!

Hi, I am George from GetGeared and for 20 years me & my team have equipped new and existing riders like you. I can tell you from all those years that there is a SIMPLE WAY to find out what you need and how much you should spend. Your 'Rider Type' drives what quality of gear you need and which features are important for comfort.

QUIZ: What Rider Type Are You?

Diagnose your unique rider type: Take our 3-question Quiz now



NEXT STEPS: How can I use my Rider Type when shopping online?

Now that you know your rider type, what's next?

We have put together a set of videos that explain what to look for in your first gear with specially selected items for each rider type that YOU CAN EASILY & CONFIDENTLY PURCHASE ONLINE.

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As a new bike rider the help was great. Answered all my questions and helped picking out some great gear.

- Duran, via

As a new rider this place is amazing, no judgement just help and advise for this and future buys. The team were awesome and gave me advice on lids, security, clothing. They're not pushy and are very patient, would definitely recommend!

- Thomas, via Trustpilot

New to the riding scene and used nobody other than get geared for my protective equipment, super fast and efficient service! Suzy has been really helpful with my enquires and found me the best offers even price matching competitors, tbh will remain a customer from here on. Great job GetGeared. There's a great range of products from all price ranges. Delivery is swift and free after a certain amount! Very happy

- Tom, via Trustpilot

I absolutely love ya website its really helped as a first time rider and I appreciate it!

- Kirk, via Email

I don't usually leave any feedback but this one is worth it i have ordered basically all the gear for my first bike and im really happy with the prices and quality of the stuff would 100% recommend!

- Dominik, via JudgeMe


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