Shark Skwal i3 - This full-face helmet just got a brake light

Shark Skwal i3 - This full-face helmet just got a brake light

Riding a motorcycle is all about freedom and adventure – but safety should never be ignored. Introducing the new Shark Skwal-i3 helmet, designed to make your journeys even safer.

This groundbreaking full-face helmet features LED lights at the rear which become activated when you brake, with no need for wiring or Bluetooth pairing!

The Snap Shot:

  • Sizes from XS to XXL
  • Nexan-injected polycarbonate shell with 2 shell sizes
  • 'Toolless' visor change
  • Optical Class 1 anti-scratch Pinlock-equipped visor
  • Anti-fog treated internal sun visor
  • The helmet has a built-in rechargeable battery to power the helmet's LED lights, which is charged via a USB Type-C cable
  • Rear LED lights are linked to an accelerometer to activate when braking
  • ECE 22.06 safety standard

Experience state-of-the-art motorsport-inspired helmet design from Shark 

It's an innovative motorcycle helmet. More about that below. But, it's more than that - It is a really good full-face helmet: 

Experience state of the art motorsport inspired design from top to bottom like never before with ultimate comfort built into its sleek exterior.

There are features such as a Pinlock-equipped visor make sure your vision isn't blurred by steam or rain while out riding, while a 'no tools' visor change systems and "best fit" adaptive interior make sure you, even if you are a glasses wearer, will enjoy the perfect view and comfort when looking out from inside your shiny new lid.

Step beyond 'traditional' protection today and choose unrivaled functionality with style in one amazing package - get behind the all new Shark Skwal i3 now!

The Shark Skwal i3 is a completely new design with improved fit

In 2015, Shark released their Skwal model of helmets, introducing a revolutionary new feature: four LED lights installed in the front for increased visibility. Riders could control whether they want the lights to be constantly on, blinking, or off. But, ultimately, it was a gimmick.

The new i3 model includes two LED brake lights, which have been built into the top vent housing of the helmet, creating a sleek and stylish look reminiscent of a high-performance car. It's not just the outside, even the inside has been remodelled to be the most comfortable for most head shapes out there under the "Best Fit" innitiative using '000s of head scans to remodel the helmet lining.

A brake light, without the need for cables or Bluetooth: The Shark Skwal i3 delivers unrivalled safety

Shark has innovatively crafted the Skwal i3 helmet with a cohesive blend of form and function. In addition to meeting the ECE 22-06 certification standards, this full face helmet integrates captivating motorsport aesthetics with advanced LED lighting technology.

With an integrated accelerometer detecting braking patterns, flashing rear lights are initiated without the need for cables or Bluetooth connections. There are other settings for the LED lights, but the brake light function is truly ground-breaking. 

Further refinement is provided through its Pinlock-equipped visor, 'no tools' visor change system, bespoke 'best fit' interior, and multiple adjustable visor locking positions. Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and convenience, the Shark Skwal i3 helmet is built to exceed expectations.

Looking for a 22.06 full-face helmet? The Shark Skwal i3 should be 1 to consider

Discover the ultimate combination of exemplary safety and astonishing style with the Shark Skwall i3. This is a must-have masterpiece amongst the cohort of new ECE 22.06 safety standard approved helmets.

Pre-order yours now for delivery from mid-June 2023.

Pre-order yours now for delivery from mid-June 2023.

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