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Bullet Weapons Grade Cleaner Degreaser - 500ml

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Bust grease on your motorcycle, car or even in your home with this Weapons Grade Degreaser. No residue left behind, just a clean shiny motorcycle!
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Gone are the days you risk passing out from using white spirit! Bust grease with this Weapons Grade grease buster from Bullet. It can be used on oil, bugs, cookers, bikes, cars: Anywhere where you're using oil based products within reason. Direction for use can be found on the bottle or in our techy stuff tab. It's a soap based, acid free, multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that gets the job done well. No residue left behind!

Who are Bullet? Chances are, unless you've travelled America, you haven't yet heard of Bullet Polish and boy, you're missing out. Founded by James Oakey in 2010, this is the kind of company you want to buy from, a real business, run by real people. James and his wife retired and travelled America in an RV, after driving for two weeks, they stopped off in an RV park in Colorado. After speaking to locals, they were recommended Bullet Polish products to clean off the dirt their RV had accumulated. They were given one spray bottle, which lasted the rest of their six month trip. After getting back to the UK, they contacted America to find out that it was not available for sale in Europe and that is where it all began for James and his wife.

Why would I choose Bullet? Not only have they produced a r(more...)

Manufacturers Specs

For use on:
• Cars
• Motorcycles
• Caravans
• Motorhomes

• Oil
• Grease
• Traffic film
• Bugs
• Bird lime
• Brake dust & general grime

Can be used for:
• All round automotive degreasing
• Cleaning streaks from caravan & motor homes
• Use in the home as instructed on the bottle prior to painting
• Degreases sinks, cookers, hobs
• Ideal for body shops, detailing & valeting uses

May not remove tar spots

Warning: Not suitable for use on un-lacquered Aluminium surfaces like un-lacquered wheels etc.

Directions for use:
• Suitable for application by stiff brush, spray or sponge/cloth
• For brushing/scrubbing: Dilute 1 part cleaner/degreaser with 50 parts warm water
• For pressure spray: Dilute 1 part cleaner/degreaser with 200 parts warm or hot water
• For best results, apply to item to be cleaned & scrub with a stiff brush until heavy contamination is removed. Two or more applications may be necessary depending on level of contamination
• After scrubbing, ri(more...)

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