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G-Cash Programme


  1. Earn G-Cash by creating a customer account in the Check-Out

    When you place your first order, make sure you create a customer account;
    A customer account allows you to login on our site, using your email and a password set by you during the Check-Out.

  2. Build up your G-Cash balance: Use the same customer account each time you shop or interact with us

    In order to assign G-Cash to your account, we need to know who you are. Always login using the details (email address and password) you saved on your first visit.  You'll see on the product page how much G-Cash you'll get for each product, and in the basket we'll give you a summary of how much G-Cash you'll earn on that entire purchase.

  3. Keep tabs of your G-Cash balance from within your 'My Account' area. 

    You'll earn G-Cash from your very first purchase.  Check your G-Cash statement at any time from within your 'My Account' area.  You'll see an itemised list of how your balance is made up, what you've earnt and what you've spent.  To use your G-Cash, simply head to the checkout with the gear that you want to purchase, and you'll see a box allowing you to redeem part or all of your balance as payment.

  4. Watch out for double & triple G-Cash promotions for account holders

    Participate in the double & triple G-Cash point promotions to build you your G-Cash balance even more quickly & save more on future purchases.

* Little known fact: Introduced in 2002, G-Cash was the first loyalty bonus scheme in the UK motorcycling industry!.