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Kriega Tank Harness

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Kriega tank harness to turn your dry bag into a tank bag! Metal or plastic tanks. Quick release for fuel tanks. Ideal combination with Kriega US5 Drybag.
Order now for delivery on or around 27/06/2019​


Standard-fit is 2 x 25mm wide straps at the front (independently down to radiator mounts or joined together around the headstock). 25mm wide straps at rear locate onto self-closing Velcro under front edge of seat. An alternative fixing method can be supplied for bikes, where the seat does not easily move at the front (Ducati and some KTM models - this fitting hardware usually replaces the rear Velcro solution with 2 x loop straps which locate on the bike's frame). As long as your front seat-edge can move, you will be ok with the standard Velcro solution.

Manufacturers Specs

Fits metal or plastic tanks
Quick release for fuel fill
Ultra-grip/non-scratch base fabric
RHINOTEK abrasion-resistant fabric
H-Duty self-adhesive Velcro
3M Scotchlite reflective print

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Brand Kriega
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