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Spada Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

The UK's best range of Spada Waterproof Motorbike Gloves!

Looking for Spada Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves? Browse through our range of Motorcycle Gloves in our online shop. With so many Motorcycle Gloves to choose from, why not let us help you narrow down the choice with our smart filters and unique descriptions. When it comes to Spada Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves, we’ve got you covered.

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A good motorcycle glove will provide protection at the base of the hand. Scaphoid and Carpal bones are small bones at the base of your hand. Injury in that area usually means a lot of pain and potentially long-term damage. Look out for one of our 4 key protection zones: Palm protection in form of a palm slider or, at the very least, visible impact and abrasion protection.

In particular race and sportsbike motorcycle gloves often have a deeper cuff with abrasion and impact protection at the side of the hand where the wrist bones protrude (the “Ulna” in particular on the side of the small finger; I am sure we heard you ask!). While not a feature that protects the wrist, you should look out for a secure wrist closure: It is an essential feature to keep the motorbike gloves in place when needed.

Knuckle armour is one of the most recognisable features of motorcycle gloves. They come in the shape of a shell structure placed over the knuckles or in form of shock absorbing padding covering the knuckle area with no hard shell. Where there is a shell, race gloves can have specialist shells made of Titanium, while touring and sportsbike gloves may have a plastic shell. Almost every protective shell will be backed by shock absorbing padding. But, be mindful that not everything that looks like Carbon actually is Carbon - often it is just Carbon-look covered plastic! Under the latest CE regulation EN 13594:2015, a pair of gloves where the knuckle protection was tested the CE label will show clearly the letters “KP”.

How to choose motorcycle gloves is a perennial question. Inevitably, you will at least in part choose your motorcycle gloves on price and looks. When you make your final decision, put some emphasis on the 4 main protection zones: Palm slider, knuckle protection, side of hand protection up to the little finger, and wrist protection. Gloves from manufacturers like Held or Rev It! may be slightly more pricey but will last you longer due to how the glove is manufactured. More on pricing further down.

On the whole, a close-fitting glove from a quality brand will be more comfortable and give you the most control over the bike, much more so than motorcycle gloves that fit too loose or stretch excessively over time. Measure 'round the palm of the hand as shown on the size guide; that will give you the correct gloves size. Ensure you have at least 3mm / 1/8in free space at the end of your middle finger. Some riders worry about excessive space at the end of the other fingers including the thumb, but in reality that does not tend to matter once the motorbike gloves are ‘broken in’. A shout out for the motorcycle accessories manufacturers with a passion for motorcycle gloves: A quality manufacturer will pre-stretch the leather, so it does not stretch out of shape during the lifetime of the gloves. And a quality manufacturer will have incorporated sufficient flex panels to ensure free movement of fingers and no additional tension over the back of the hand while grasping the grips.

Always wear your waterproof gloves with the cuff under the jacket sleeve cuff when it rains to allow rain to run down the sleeves without then running into the body of your motorcycle gloves. When it’s not raining, wear your motorbike gloves exactly as you choose!

Motorcycle gloves pack a lot of features and parts into a small space with special sections for each of your fingers! It is not a surprise that motorcycle racing gloves can consist of 125 separate parts each side, which then take 4 hours to assemble. At the other end of the extreme, where a pair of gloves is constructed without pre-stretching the leather and from the minimum 3 pieces required only, eg pull on motocross gloves, the price drops significantly. Motorcycle gloves prices really are a function of "you get what you pay for".