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The less venting and the fewer external features a helmet has, the quieter it will be. However, in reality it is hugely subjective how noisy you experience your helmet to be. The German publication Motorrad Magazin undertook to answer this question once and for all with clever technology, measuring how noisy each helmet is at different speeds. What they found is that most helmets are, broadly speaking, as noisy as the next one, and that price was not a significant factor in how quiet or noisy the helmet is. At speeds of 40mph+ it is recommended that you wear ear protection in all helmets.

Not all motorcycle helmet fit the same and not all motorcycle helmet brands will fit you. In general, measure your head circumference just above your ears in centimetres: The resulting measurement corresponds to the helmet size. That's a starting point to get the size right. A well fitting helmet will touch firmly your head in three areas without exerting real pressure: Left and right cheek bone or jawline, and the upper part of the back of the head. The cheek pads should follow fully along your cheeks without making you look like a chipmunk. To ensure no other major pressure points exist, you should be able to slide your small finger between the visor opening and the forehead to ensure that there is no pressure point. And, you should be able to slide a finger between the lining and the lower back of the head to ensure free movement.

If you ride reasonably often, it is our recommendation you replace your helmet every 3 years. Quality manufacturers will give up to 5 years warranty on the main elements of the helmet: The integrity of the shell and other major parts. However, other reasons to replace your motorcycle helmet kick in much earlier from general wear and tear: The helmet visor mechanism or flip front mechanism can fail on cheaper helmets as grit gets into the mechanism and reduces its effectiveness. Linings and padding compact if not cared for and, then, no longer ensure a safe and comfortable fit. Vents fail and stay shut or permanently open. We have even seen neck closures on cheaper motorcycle helmet brands fail as grit gets into the seat belt or ratchet closure.

Over the years we have sold a whole lot of different motorcycle helmet brands, at all price points. Our house brands have stood the test of time: They are not necessarily the most expensive, rarely the cheapest, but in every case you get an excellent helmet for the price you pay and the after sales support is something you can rely on. As to style, explore our motorcycle helmets departments for the helmet type that suits your needs the best.

Absolutely. We offer different ways to make purchasing your best motorcycle helmet easier. To find out more how buying your motorcycle helmet on finance could work, see our detailed explanation of the different flexible payment options here.