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Held Flip Up Helmets

The UK's best range of Held Flip Up Helmets!

Looking for Held Flip Up Helmets? Browse through our range of Flip Up Helmets in our online shop. With so many Flip Up Helmets to choose from, why not let us help you narrow down the choice with our smart filters and unique descriptions. When it comes to Held Flip Up Helmets, we’ve got you covered.

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Held Motorcycle Clothing

Helmet Buying Guide

Yes, but it varies from rider to rider

The amount of noise that you experience whilst inside your Motorcycle Helmet is dependant on a few things;

  • The design: This does come into it, some helmets are intrinsically designed to be quieter than others.
  • The fit: A properly fitted helmet will have less gaps in the fit to allow wind noise through
  • The Riding Position: Depending on how you sit on your bike, different helmets will react differently to outside wind noise depending on the positioning of vents, and the shape of the bottom of the helmet.
  • The Style: Generally speaking a flip helmet will be slightly louder than a full face due to more areas that wind can penetrate the helmet.
  • Accessories: Some helmets come with, or have available additional accessories such as wind collars and chin curtains, these can significantly reduce noise by creating a better seal around the helmets underside.

Yes and its mainly about weight

Helmet weight will make a big difference to your comfort, particularly if you're travelling any kind of distance and/or speed. Helmets can vary in weight by up to 500g, and whilst that doesn't sound like alot, when you're travelling a 70mph and your head is being pushed back by the wind, your neck muscles are working overtime to keep your head steady. Prolonged exposure to that will mean that you become more tired and less focussed much more quickly with a heavier motorcycle helmet.

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GetGeared was the first retailer in the motorcycle clothing and accessories market to partner up with Klarna to give you more choices. Get the gear you want and spread the cost as you like!

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