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Ladies Shoei Full Face Helmets

The UK's best range of Ladies Shoei Full Face Helmets!

Looking for Ladies Shoei Full Face Helmets? Browse through our range of Full Face Helmets in our online shop. With so many Full Face Helmets to choose from, why not let us help you narrow down the choice with our smart filters and unique descriptions. When it comes to Ladies Shoei Full Face Helmets, we’ve got you covered.

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Shoei Helmets


Every Shoei today is still handmade in Japan. The evolution and production of their class-leading helmet line up is dependent on a meticulous process, that combines the very latest in technology with consumer feedback, modern testing practices, advanced materials, and 60 years of helmet building experience. Shoei is an incredibly impressive business and it is the process and production quality that you are paying for when you purchase a Shoei helmet.

Shoei helmets are probably one of the best engineered motorcycle helmets you can buy and wear. To you that translates into a long and happy product life for any Shoei helmet you purchase. However, common sense prevails: If you drop it, replace it. If the helmet padding compacts, let us help you refurbish the interior. If the visor is scratched, let us fit a new one. And, you will typically have to replace your Shoei Pinlock insert once every 1-2 years.

Yes. Increasingly, Shoei helmet models have the option to fit proprietary Bluetooth headsets into the helmet shell. The wiring is pre-prepared, so it is an easy task. Shoei were the first motorcycle helmets brand to invest into making the intercoms part of the helmet design. There are no protruding elements to add turbulence and wind noise. Everything has it place and is neatly sealed. Sena designs and builds the Shoei Bluetooth intercoms, so you know the comms device is of a high quality.

Yes. But read on: Shoei resisted the trend for drop down sun visors in motorcycle helmets for a long time. Most sun visors are set into a cavity within the helmet shell, reducing the EPS protective padding across the forehead, which is a major impact point. Shoei felt that would compromise helmet safety. Being an engineering business at heart, they solved the safety concerns with a unique design that you can now find on a growing part of the range.

Find out how buying your Shoei helmet on finance might work for you. We offer different payment options, including 0% APR retail finance, to make purchasing your next Shoei helmet easier. See our detailed explanation of the different flexible payment options here.