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Motul Motocool Factory Line - 1L

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Keep your bikes engine running smoothly with this ready to use race coolant from Motul. Protects the cooling system from freezing up to -35C / -31F. Contains organic anti-corrosion & anti-cavitation additives suitable for aluminium/magnesium alloys used for current bike engine designs. Seals, rubber pipes & plastic parts friendly. Contains bitter-tasting agent to prevent ingestion.
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For a smooth running motorcycle: Motocool Factory Line is a racing cooling liquid that's ready to use and contains organic anti-corrosion additives to provide outstanding protection to your aluminium or magnesium alloys.

Tried and tested: Results of a dynamic corrosion test performed on a bike radiator showed that this Motocool Factory Line divided the corrosion rate by 3 compared to other organic coolants - awesome! Protects the cooling system from freezing up to -35C / -31F and provides an excellent thermal exchange to improve your engines cooling efficiency.

A substance that'll last: The anti-corrosion properties remain while at high temperatures and even whilst ageing making this a coolant that'll last in your tank. The solution doesn't foam and is seal, rubber pipes and plastic parts friendly. For your safety, Motocool Factory Line contains a bitter-tasting agent to prevent from ingesting and in the event of a spillage, be sure to wear gloves when cleaning it up. For more information on drain intervals, refer to your manufacturers' recommendation.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to ship aerosols and liquids outside of the UK. Please do not purchase if you are located outside of UK, your order will be cancelled.

Manufacturers Specs

• Ready to use racing cooling liquid
• Anti-corrosion & anti-freeze for bikes cooling systems
• Based on monoethyleneglycol, using organic anti-corrosion additives (OAT - Organic Acid Technology)
• Protection to aluminium/magnesium allows used by bike manufacturers on new engine designs
• Protection to as low as -35C / -31F
• Cooling system optimal protection from freezing & metallic parts from corrosion
• Specific anti-corrosion agents provides the best protection efficiency on aluminium/magnesium alloys
• According to a dynamic corrosion test performed on a bike radiator, Motocool Factory Line divides by 3 the corrosion rate compared to a common organic coolant
• Provides thermal exchange, engine cooling efficiency & prevents from boiling
• OAT provides anti-corrosion properties that remain even at high temperatures & ageing
• Low corrosion inhibitors consumption allows extended drain intervals
• Water pumps protection, avoid cavitation
• Seals, rubber pipes & plastic parts friendly
• Contains bitter tasting agent to prevent from ingesting: Coolants & antifreezes have a sweet taste but extremely harmful if swallowed
• Ready to use; do n(more...)

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