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Motul Semi-Synthetic 5100 10W40 4T Oil - Black

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Semi-synthetic motorcycle engine lubricant for your 4 stroke high performance motorbike. Recommended for specific Suzuki, Yamaha & Kawasaki engines requiring SAE 10W40 grade oil. Protects engine & gearbox for easier & faster gear changing. Perfect for oil immersed clutches.
Available in 1 litre or 4 litres.

From a brand you can rely on: Motul have been in the oil and lubricant game for over 160 years, so it's fair to say that they know what they're talking about. This 5100 semi-synthetic oil is recommended for your 4 stroke high performance motorcycles, and more specifically Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki engines that require SAE 10W40 grade oil. Thanks to a very high film strength, your engine and gearbox stay protected as internal friction losses mean easier and faster gear changes. This oil from Motul is also compatible with catalytic converters and ideal for oil immersed clutches.

Semi-synthetic oil? You know that you need some oil for your engine but you're just not too sure why there's so many types and what one's best for you. Firstly synthetic oils on the whole are better for your engine than mineral oils, that's because they don't have the impurities that can be found in mineral oils which make them degrade much more quickly. Semi-synthetic oils are cheaper as they are a mixture of synthetic and mineral oil. If your engine requires synthetic oil then you must at least use this, though you might benefit from upgrading to fully synthetic oil for increased performance and protection. Keep in mind that for the majority of road bikes and cars semi-synthetic is more than adequate.

Or Fully synthetic oil? Fully synthetic oil is for your highest performance sports/race bikes and cars. They offer the highest level of protection and performance. Be aware that fully synthetic oil is an essential requirement for most modern engines so be sure to check your vehicle manual!

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to ship aerosols and liquids outside of the UK. Please do not purchase if you are located outside of UK, your order will be cancelled.

Manufacturers Specs

• High performance 4 Stroke engine lubricant for your motorcycle
• Techno-synthetic ester technology
• Street & road bikes, trails, off road bikes, enduro, trial
• Integrated gearbox or not
• Wet or dry clutch
• Engines meeting Euro 2 or Euro 3 emission regulation
• Fitted with exhaust gas after treatment systems : catalytic converters, air injection into exhaust pipe
• Recommended for specific Suzuki, Yamaha & Kawasaki engines requiring SAE 10W40 viscosity grade oil
• Other uses: street bikes without catalytic converters, scooters, ATV’s, UTV’s
• Technosynthese lubricant reinforced by Ester base stock to warranty anti-wear properties & improve gear protection & life time
• Improved oil film resistance at high temperatures for engine durability
• Optimized Phosphorus & Sulphur content (JASO MA2 < 1200 ppm) for better operating conditions of catalytic converters
• The innovative anti wear additives package provides excellent gearbox protection
• Meets JASO MA
• JASO MA2 offers the most efficient friction levels to guarantee the clutch engagement during the three riding modes: Starting, Acceleration & Constant Speed

• Drain interval: according to manufacturers’ recommendations & tune to your own use
• Can be mixed with synthetic or mineral lubricants

• API SM / SL / SJ / SH / SG

• JASO MA2 under N M033MOT112

• Colour: Visual: Amber
• Viscosity grade: SAE J 300: 10W40
• Density at 20C (68F): ASTM D1298: 0.871
• Viscosity at 40C (104F): ASTM D445: 89.8 mm²/s
• Viscosity at 100C (212F): ASTM D445: 13.82 mm²/s
• Viscosity index: ASTM D2270: 157
• Pour point: ASTM D97: -33C / -27F
• Flash point: ASTM D92: 226C / 438.8F
• TBN: ASTM D2896: 7.5 mg KOH/g

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to ship aerosols & liquids outside of the UK. Please do not purchase if you are located outside of UK, your order will be cancelled.

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