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Oxford Oximiser Battery Optimiser 3x - Europe

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Battery optimiser for use in Europe! Maintain the life of your battery with this battery optimiser from Oxford.
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Oxford Oximiser 3X Advanced Battery Management System. Europe
Maintain the life of your battery with this 8 stage automatic battery management system. With crocodile clips, weatherproof fuse holder, wall bracket & screws, plus a permanent connector with weatherproof cap all included as standard, this is the perfect set for any rider.

Manufacturers Specs

• Soft touch rubberised case for improved grip & ruggedness
• Suitable for all 12V automotive batteries including Lithium LifeP04
• Re-designed & tested in the UK using top quality long-life components
• Intelligent charging will cycle-charge to recover sulphated batteries
• New voltage sensors quickly detect high current drain & will automatically revert to the most appropriate charge rate
• Fast & efficient charging in all modes keeps charge times short & reduces mains power consumption
• A sort-start charging mode to improve recovery of deeply discharged batteries as low as 8volts

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Brand Oxford
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