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Pinlock Earplugs - Black

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High performance earplugs from Pinlock! Doesn't block out all noises, but reduces it! Exactly what you need to hear potential warnings without having to listen to unnecessary noise.
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Hear the important stuff: Unlike some disposable earplugs that block out all sound, these earplugs still allow you to hear. That's important to listen for traffic warnings like sirens, horns and even your intercom. These Pinlock earplugs can reduce noise by up to 24 DB.

Find the perfect fit: Each set comes delivered with four earplugs: 2 medium sized and 2 large sized. It means you can find the pair that fit you perfectly, to enjoy a quiet, comfortable journey.

Manufacturers Specs

• 1 Box contains one useable set of earplugs
• 1 set of medium & 1 set of large in box with 1 set of filters
• Washable/Reusable
• Silicone Free
• Advanced precision filter
• Comes with unique case with key & card holder

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Brand Pinlock
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