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Ram Mount Adhesive Base with 1 Inch Ball - Black

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Adhesive Ram Mount base for use with the 1 inch ball system. Can transform any smooth, clean surface into a base for the patented Ram rubberised ball & socket system.
Order now for delivery on or around 19/06/2019​


• Ram Mounts optimised for motorcycles
• Tested & developed for the US forces
• Stick this to virtually any clean surface with ease

Easy to use and highly versatile. This is a base for the Ram mounting systems that can simply be stuck on to any smooth surface, like a motorcycle gas tank or fairing, to become the start of your mounting setup. It comes with an alcohol pad for cleaning and preparing the surface. It has a 64mm base and a 1 inch rubberised ball that can accommodate any of the Ram extension arms to create something truly customisable.

Ensure it's secure. When attaching your base, you should make sure you have thought about the weight it will be holding and the force the adhesive pad will be under. The patented rubberised ball and socket joints from Ram are second to none and can withstand high levels of vibration like that of a moving motorcycle on rough roads.

GetGeared Tip: A secondary tether is recommended when this mount is used in high vibration environments.

Manufacturers Specs

• High strength composite

Ball Size:
• 1 inch rubber ball "B" size

• 41g

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Brand RAM Mounts
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