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Ram Mount Yoke Centre Base 1 Inch Ball - Black

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Ram Mount base specifically designed to be attached to the yoke of your motorcycle for easy, secure mounting. One end goes into your yoke, the other is a rubberised 1 inch ball for use with the patented ball joints.
Order now for delivery on or around 20/06/2019​


• Ram Mounts optimised for motorcycles
• Tested & developed for the US forces
• Innovative kit to attach electronics to your bike

Motorcycles only! This innovative kit from Ram Mounts is designed specifically for use on motorcycles. The original Ram Mounts systems were designed for use by the US Forces so have to withstand movement and vibration as well as be reliable and rugged. The fact you can use this sort of quality equipment on your bike is amazing!

Everything you need. You will receive all the parts you need to firmly attach a mounting base to your bike's yoke. With only a small amount of measuring, cutting and screwing, you will be left with a subtle addition, a small 1 inch rubberised ball near the centre of your handlebars, just in front of the instrument panel. To this you can add any of the 1 inch rubber ball "B" size attachments from Ram to hold anything from tablets to action cameras, just make sure you can still see everything safely!

GetGeared Tip: Ram say certain motorcycles require adding electrical tape to the area of the plug that is the largest diameter until it fits snugly in the stem. We recommend that you review the installation instructions for this part prior to ordering(more...)

Manufacturers Specs

• Powder coated marine grade aluminium

Ball Size:
• 1 inch rubber ball "B" size

• 113 grams

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Brand RAM Mounts
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