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Redex Lead Replacement Fuel Additive - 250ml

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Top quality fuel additive for older motorcycles & cars designed to run on leaded fuel.
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Keep your old engine roaring with Redex. Many older motorcycles and cars were developed to run on leaded petrol because it had a higher octane rating and could help to prevent premature wear and tear of valve components in the engines. When leaded fuel was phased out due to pollution concerns, we were left with motorcycles and cars that required the leaded fuel to run properly, but no means of getting the fuel. Engine rebuilds are expensive and may not fully solve the issue, so what do you do? Get yourself a bottle of Redex Lead Replacement additive.

Gone but not forgotten. Redex Lead Replacement is designed to be added to your engine with unleaded fuel to simulate the effects of running your bike on the leaded fuel it was intended to be run by providing the additives it needs. With regular use it can help to keep your classic car or motorcycle on the road and maintain peak engine performance by lubricating and protecting the soft valve seats.

Manufacturers Specs

• Helps to keep older & classic cars on the road
• Maintains peak engine performance

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