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Rev It! Seeflex Shoulder Protector - RV13 with FREE Delivery & Returns -

In stock

Level: Level 2
Airflow: Solid with holes
Structure: Everyday comfort
Fitting: Pocket

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Rev'It!'s very own Seeflex armour might be hard to get your head around. It is soft and comfortable to wear, not hard and rigid, which is what you would think of when imagining motorcycle armour. But the cutting-edge technology used to create the Seeflex limb protectors make them highly flexible, breathable and protective. The slight firmness to them means that they can be formed into the general shape of the limb during manufacture, meaning they sit perfectly inside the garment you put them in. This special technology has helped the Seeflex armour pass the most stringent CE level 2 tests and be awarded the EN1621-1:2012 Level 2 certification. These new softer armours working their way onto the market really are taking over from the hard uncomfortable stuff.

If you already own your jacket, please measure the shoulder pocket! This armour measures 22cm x 17.5cm.

Manufacturers Specs

• Soft & comfortable
• 100 percent PVC
• Ergonomic shape
• CE certified
• Level 2
• Flexible & breathable

More Information
Brand Rev it
Colour Blue
Gender Men, Women
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