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Richa motorbike gear tested and developed with the leading motorists, and riders worldwide!

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Great Richa Gear

Aramid lining for abrasion resistance.

Great value adventure boots!

The Richa Range

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The Richa Story

The Origins

Founded in 1952, when Richa's founder Charles Rigaux launched his first pair of leather gloves. His designs were a guarantee for quality, which is still a keyword throughout Richa Collections. Since 2011, Richa gloves have been Gore-Tex certified, and in 2015 they also recieved a Gore-Tex license for their motorcycle clothing. Today Richa are a trusted motorcycle apparel brand for bikers around the world: their products are sold in over 40 countries.

The Brand

Richa believes motorcycling gives you a feeling of ultimate freedom. That is why Richa aim to design products that are a guaranty for quality, fit and safety; as freedom is a feeling you can only fully enjoy if your motorcycle gear is offering you the very best protection and comfort. Whether you are enjoying an adventurous tour or riding your motorcycle to work, Richa makes sure your ride is safe and comfortable.

The Latest

New 2019 Collection out now, with a wide range of new products. Some new products will be made with D30, to guarentee you full protection at any time. You can find products the best quality products, whatever your budget.

Feel Safe, Feel Good!

Richa Brand Motto


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