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Sidi Boots

Sidi boots tested and developed with leading riders & enduro athletes in the world.

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Great Sidi Gear

Highly supportive waterproof microfibre boots.

Off-road summer boots, with Flex System.

The Sidi Range


The Sidi Story

The Origins

SIDI began in 1960 manufacturing mountain sports footwear. However it was in the 1970's SIDI began specialising in motorcycle boots. SIDI now has more then 50 years of experience manufacturing innovative sporting footwear. Thanks to this passion and a deep, intuitive knowledge of the business SIDI has become the market leader in cycling and motorcycle shoes.

The Brand

"SIDI has grown on tradition, values and commitment, which is why the brand is now known globally. Because of their guaranteed quality, SIDI footwear has been chosen by millions of athletes. Tradition, values and commitment combined with an efficient international distribution network make Sidi a company that is present all over the globe. "

The Latest

SIDI Crossfire SRS Boots considered the best in MX, at the Italian International MX series.

Sidi Sport, more than 50 years at the heart of great cycling & motorcycling. 

Sidi Boots Brand Motto

Sidi Boots

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