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STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner Double Strength - 400ml

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High quality engine cleaner for bringing back your motorcycle's power.
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Vindaloo for your engine. If your motorcycle is running a bit lumpy, it might be a dirty fuel system, clogged up with deposits that shouldn't be there. This STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner is for petrol engines and works its way through your entire fuel system to help get rid of those deposits that are making your bike lose some power. The Complete Fuel System Cleaner goes through piston tops, carburettors, combustion chambers, cylinder heads, valve ports and guides, intake valves and fuel injectors. The name says it all. Help your motorcycle run the way it should.

Manufacturers Specs

Features & Benefits:

• Fuel economy saving of up to 5.7 percent
• Clean & condition the entire fuel system
• Eliminate tough starts & engine run-on
• Deposit removal from all fuel delivery components
• Deposit removal from all combustion areas
• Stop knock & ping
• Restore lost power & acceleration
• Reduce octane requirement
• Reduce hesitation
• Reduce exhaust emissions
• Safe for use with catalytic converters & turbos
• Use every 6,000 kilometres for peak engine performance

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