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Budget Motorcycle Helmets: This is Why 'Affordable' Can Be 'Too Cheap'

You're in the market for a budget motorcycle helmet. You know you don't want to spend more than X. But, must you spend more than Y to get a decent entry-level motorbike helmet?

In other words: Is there such a thing as a budget motorcycle helmet that is too cheap?

Even though all crash helmets must pass safety standards to be road legal in the UK, some of the cheapest budget helmet options simply aren't made with enough focus on rising above the bare minimum of protection and comfort a motorbike helmet, even an affordable one, should offer.

So, the answer is: Yes, there is 'too cheap'.

Budget motorcycle helmets: The cheapest motorcycle helmet won't be the safest choice

In order to drive the price down on a motorcycle helmet, all the materials used to make the helmet must be cheaper. Small actions to save on costs here and there can make a huge difference in both functionality and the safety of a helmet.

Cheaper materials means less protection in the event of a crash

  • The visor screws are made of cheap Grade 'E' nylon rather than Grade 'A' nylon or aluminium. Low grade nylon is made from nylon chips discarded in a previous manufacturing process. It has already been melted at least once before. That's why it's cheaper. But, it's not as tough when you need it to perform.
  • The helmet shell uses cheaper polymers, which requires the helmet shell to be made thicker. That's the only way it can meet the safety performance criteria. That is why cheaper helmets are heavier and worse for your back.

It all adds up to a less safe motorcycle helmet

Your protection is reduced due to the low grade components used. And, your comfort is reduced due to the low grade components used. You can easily get a great budget motorcycle helmet. But, there is too cheap and those options are generally not worth the compromise on safety and comfort.

The differences in motorcycle helmet safety in action

You might have seen crash videos with a motorcycle dummy crashing into a car. In many of those videos, you can watch the visor disconnect from the helmet under the force of the impact. What's happening there is that the visor screws shear under the kinetic force. That is 'cheap' in action.

What it means is that you're no longer protected in that vital area. Your eyes, nose, and mouth are completely exposed.

Too cheap means reduced protection in the event of a crash because of the materials used. And, that goes for all parts of the motorcycle helmet, from the helmet shell to the neck closure.

Budget motorcycle helmets: The cheapest motorbike helmets are less comfortable to ride in

We're not talking about the plushness of the interior, though that also gets better the higher the price. But that's not the most important part. For instance, if you're buying a cheap helmet, all the sizes manufactured will use one shell size.

What a single shell size means to you: Helmet size affects aerodynamics

If you're Small or Medium in your head size, you're still in a motorcycle helmet that accommodates a XXL head. So you can imagine the amount of extra displacement of air that you're getting, the aerodynamics that you're experiencing, just because the helmet manufacturer needs to meet the price point and uses more generalised processes.

You're better off spending a little bit more, and having better aerodynamics with a helmet made using more than one shell size.

Budget motorcycle helmets: A cheap motorbike helmet is heavier

And the other thing to consider is that cheap helmets tend to be heavier. Many affordable motorcycle helmets are lightweight enough to avoid this issue, but not the very cheapest ones.

What does that mean for you?

What that means to you is, every time you come to a traffic light, or pull away, you pivot harder on your neck, which brings on back ache. It's better in the long run to spend a little more on something that won't put extra strain on your spine. Again, the lack of good aerodynamics in cheap helmets comes down to the materials used.

So, how can you find the best affordable motorcycle helmet?

So here's my suggestion to you: Instead of just buying on price, talk to us or talk to a specialist to help you find the right budget motorcycle helmet at the right price for what you can spend.

That way. you can be sure you've got a good deal, that is comfortable, is protective, and will perform well. There are plenty of affordable motorcycle helmets out there that do their job well!

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