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Motorcycle Helmet Features: 3 Helmet Features That Will Make You Think You Spent More Money Than You Did

Any guide to buying the best motorbike helmet should include a guide to the motorcycle helmet features that transform a motorcycle helmet from average to an above average performer.

You don't have to spend a fortune on your motorcycle helmet for it to keep you protected and comfortable. Follow our rule of having these three important features, and even a lower priced helmet will be elevated to be a helmet that feels much more expensive. It's all about considering the little things that add to your helmet's comfort, functionality, and safety.

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The 3 motorcycle helmet features that will make sure you choose the most comfortable motorcycle helmet

  1. A Pinlock visor
  2. A rear exhaust vent
  3. A drop down sun visor

Pinlock visor: Keep your view clear and stay safer on the road

A Pinlock panel will stop your helmet visor from fogging up in cold or wet weather. It's a major help in the winter months when you need to have maximum visibility of the road ahead.

Best: The Pinlock is delivered 'in the box'

The ideal helmet is not just Pinlock prepared, which means the visor has got two little pins you can fit a Pinlock panel to, but comes with a Pinlock in the box. That way, you can fit the panel as soon as you unpack your helmet, or have help fitting it in store after you've bought your new helmet.

Some budget helmets won't come with a Pinlock in the box, but as long as it's Pinlock prepared, you will be able to buy one separately.

Rear exhaust vent: The motorcycle helmet feature to complete your ventilation system

Key feature number two is something you may not think about. Many helmets have front vents, but you can't push fresh air into the helmet without expelling stale air out the other side. To get the stale air out, you need an effective rear vent, so fresh air can flow through your helmet.

Ventilation keeps the material of your helmet lining fresher for longer

The main reason for this is to keep your head cool as you ride, but also means it takes longer for the lining of your helmet to start smelling stale and needing a clean. So look out for helmets that feature a rear vent halfway across the back and you'll be much more comfortable inside that helmet all year round.

Drop down sun visor: Protection from vision impairment

The last thing you should look for in a motorcycle helmet is something that can be seen as a gimmick. But it isn't! An integrated sun visor adds to your comfort, even if it's not as effective as a pair of sunglasses. You can find them on most Full Face and Modular helmets, as well as some Jet and Open Face helmets.

How the sun visor feature works

What it does do, is take the edge off the sunlight that creeps into the visor opening. It improves visibility as you won't be squinting into the sun. And that's not just in summer sunshine, it's all year round. In winter, when the sun is low, a drop down sun visor is such a relief.

It's operated by a little lever on the top or side of your helmet, so you can easily access it while riding with gloves on.

What to look out for when buying a helmet with a sun visor

Check that the visor is anti-scratch, as some older types aren't. Make sure you try the lever when trying the helmet on, so you are comfortable using it.

Different helmet types will be geared towards having different motorcycle helmet features

Full Face motorcycle helmets: You'll want the "GetGeared 3", for sure

Being the most conventional, "everyday" helmet type, it also encloses your whole head. For that reason, the "GetGeared 3" apply in full: Make sure your motorbike helmet has these "must have" motorcycle helmet features.

Open Face motorcycle helmet features: No face shield protection, lots of airflow, but still benefits from a sun visor

Because an Open-Face helmet has no visor to put a Pinlock on, and no real need for much additional ventilation, some of motorcycle helmet features listed above do not apply in the same way. But, there is one thing that still holds true: Although an Open Face won't have a main face shield, it could still have an integrated drop-down sun visor to protect your eyes from sun light. Check out these options:

What to do now you've established the motorcycle helmet features that set the standard

Make sure that your helmet has got these three features, and you will enjoy owning that helmet so much more.



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