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Route One Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Route One Waterproof Motorbike Boots

Looking for Route One Waterproof Motorcycle Boots? Browse through our range of Motorcycle Boots in our online shop. With so many to choose from, why not let us help you narrow down the choice with our smart filters and unique descriptions. When it comes to Route One Waterproof Motorcycle Boots, we've got you covered.
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How to style motorcycle boots was not even a question worth asking not too long ago. Now you have an abundance of styles that give you a broad choice of what motorbike boots you can buy. Urban motorcycle shoes are great for short-distance riding in town. Adventure bike boots combine some of the benefits of motocross boots with a softer structure so they can be used on-road as well. And, of course, you can choose between performance race boots for track use, traditional touring boots for distance travel, and engineers boots for custom bike riders. All of these will provide levels of protection far greater than sports trainers or Timberlakes.

There is no rule for how a motorcycle boot should fit that is different from how footwear should fit overall. You need to be comfortable, the foot should not slide forwards and backwards, and the heel should be safely bedded into the heel of the boot. However, our foot shape changes as we get older: Basically, our feet become flatter on the instep and wider as a result. The last of good motorcycle boots will reflect the enduser: A race boot tends to have a narrower foot bed, aimed at younger riders with narrower feet and the need to control the bike with the inside of the boots. A touring boot tends to have a wider footbed, aimed older riders with a greater need for comfort.

Yes. Your motorcycle boots pack a huge amount of protection from impact and injury into a tiny space. Crash wearing normal shoes or boots and your injuries quickly escalate with life-long aftereffects. Even if you do not focus on the protection and only consider comfort, the fact that motorcycle boots can withstand ‘jet washing’ every time you travel in rain at 60mph, keeping your feet dry along the way, is a technical feature other waterproof footwear cannot equal. A good motorcycle boot is money well spent!